22 January 2012

The Spaces In-Between by A.B. Doh

You breathe through the medicinal smell that permeates the room. Sweat droplets glide down your nose, settling stubbornly in the crevice of the ‘M’ that defines your upper lip. Eyes flutter – unsure whether to hide in the darkness behind the lids, or courageously face the altered world before them. Thin arms lie unmoving at each side; heavy legs splayed, reaching towards the metal ridge at the foot of the bed. It’s the way they’ve been the last four hours; the way they’ve been since you gave breathless life.

This story was selected for African Roar 2013.

The Spaces In-Between was written by A.B. Doh.

Copyright © A.B. Doh 2012.

Originally from Cameroon, A.B. Doh now lives in the US. When she's not paying her dues in the corporate world, she writes fiction and is a wife and the mother of an incredibly happy little boy.


Anonymous said...

Good literary piece dabbled fluidly with social realities and cultural nuances of growing up. Kudos A.B and keep the wheels spinning.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece, well written and depicting the biggest challenge young people face.
Keep up the good work AB and keep the faith.

Shuri said...

Job well done AB. Hope this will be helpfull to the youths out there. More grease to your elbows.

Anonymous said...

Bene bene bene...nice story AB.Poor Nams and poor Tunde.Who knows whether the story would have ended differently if they were both sincere to each other right from the start?! Good descriptions of the scenes AB.

Anonymous said...

Well Done !!! A lot of our young African generation, in the diaspora, can definitely relate. I am not sure if it is a case of "Old women feeling uncomfortable when old bones are mentioned in a proverb" or not. It does cause one to reflect.


Anonymous said...

Great story AB. Loved it. Keep writing, I love reading. And now that I know about story time, I'll always come back to read more.

Julia L Gham said...

I saw a part of me in this story! love it. Its so real.Don't stop!
Julua L gham

love safia said...

Amazing piece and well writing. i m looking forward to read more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'll keep writing. Not easy, but even Achebe and Roy had to start somewhere.

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