26 June 2011

How Nnedi Got Her Curved Spine by Nnedi Okorafor

In a forest of South Eastern Nigeria lived a tribe of large baboons called The Idiok. They were regal creatures with thick brown fur, black ears, careful hands and golden eyes. They were wise and peaceful, and at night, when the moon was high and full, they could easily find each other because their eyes would glow like setting suns. They were a beautiful people. Nevertheless, the humans who lived in the forest feared them. To them, the Idiok were mysterious otherworldly creatures who stole human children and brought misfortune to the lives of adults.

This story has been selected for the annual StoryTime anthology African Roar 2012, please go to the African Roar site for more info.

How Nnedi Got Her Curved Spine was written by Nnedi Okorafor.

Copyright © Nnedi Okorafor 2011.

Nnedi Okorafor is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Who Fears Death (winner of the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Science Fiction and Nebula Award Nominee). Her other novels include Zahrah the Windseeker (winner of the Wole Soyinka Prize), The Shadow Speaker (winner of the CBS Parallax Award) and Long Juju Man (winner of the Macmillan Prize for Africa). Her latest novel Akata Witch was released in April 2011. Okorafor holds a PhD in literature and is a professor at Chicago State University.


KT said...

Love it.

t said...

Treasure. Thank you.

Kiru Taye said...

Your stories always manage to keep me sitting until I finish them. Well written.

Joe Iriarte said...

I love what you did with this story, and reading the essay on your blog made it far richer. Terrific. :)

Anonymous said...

amazing... you are truly a gift to my world. please keep sharing your beauty! ~Angel Maynard~

Abdul said...

I love the Africanness of this story. Very traditional. Good job

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