27 February 2011

What Gospel Brought by Zino Asalor

“Ajah... Ajah... Jakande... Osakpa!” A skinny conductor with bloodshot eyes poked his head out the bus announcing his destination. “Ajah... Ajah... First Roundabout... Ikate Elegushi.. Ajah!” His breath reeked of alcohol. “Sister, you dey go?” he asked, snapping his fingers close to my face.

This story has been selected for the annual StoryTime anthology African Roar 2012, please go to the African Roar site for more info.

What Gospel Brought was written by Zino Asalor.

Copyright © Zino Asalor 2011.

Zino is a Nigerian-based writer of poetry and fiction. His work has been published in Sentinel Poetry Quarterly, African Writing, Saraba, African Writer, Sentinel Nigeria, and several other publications. He enjoys the addictive calm that comes from writing and feeds this addiction by living – sometimes dangerously. He resides in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and is currently working on a collection of poetry, The Diary That Became Man.


Anonymous said...

Ha,nice story! Its something I can easily relate with. Though I find the dialogues a bit forced,aside that,good job on the story.

Chinenye Adekanmbi said...

i liked the story, the way it flowed into one single narrative, as well as the suspense;d end was unpredictable.good job!

Scot said...

Nice Story Zino. A lovely read.

Zino Asalor said...

@Anonymous, thanks for the comments. Without feedback, where would we be? Thanks again

@Chinenye, Thanks for reading and for your comments. Much appreciated!

@Scot, thanks. Glad u enjoyed it.

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